My Mother is admitted in hospital, when will she recover?

KP Horary Astrology – 34

  • On 19/10/2020 during the morning hours, my friend telephoned and requested me to inform him astrologically about his mother health after admitting in hospital.

  • He gave a horary number 34.

  • I made a horary chart the same day at 11:41:32, Zahirabad, Telangana 
  • KP Horary Number : 34
    Date : 19 – 10 -2020
    Time : 11:11::32 am
    Place : Zahirabad

Horary Chart – Health

Cusp Degrees – Health

Planets Degrees – Health

KP Rule 

  • If 1st cusp sub lord is connected with 1,5,11 houses, the native may recover  after accident or escape from accident during the joint period of 1,5,11 houses Significators
  • During the joint period of 2,4,11 houses Significators, the native may be discharged from hospital.
  • During the joint period of 6,8,12 houses Significator, the native may be danger to life.

Analysis Method

1st Cusp Sub lord is Mercury. Mercury is in the star of Rahu and sub of Venus.

  1. Mercury is occupant of  6th House and lord of 2 and 5 Houses. It is aspected by mars, who is lord of 12th house. Mars is in Mercury Star. 
  2. Rahu is occupant of 1st House. Rahu is in Mars star, Mars is occupant of 11th house and lord of 7th and 12th Houses.                                 
  3. Venus is  occupant of 4th House and lord of 1 and 6 Houses.
  4. 1st Cusp Sub lord is Mercury signifies 6,2,5, 1,11,7,12, 4 Houses.
  5. It is means, the 1st house signified with positive houses of 1,5,11 and with negative houses of  6,12.

Dasha Analysis Method

Present Joint Period 

  1. Maha Dasha – Satrun is up to 16 – 03 -1935
  2. Bhukthi – Mercury is up to 27 -11 – 2021
  3. Anthara – Rahu is from 18 – 09 – 2020 to 13 – 02 – 2021
  • Maha Dasha Satrun is star of the Sun and sub of the Jupiter. Satrun is occupant of 8th House and Lord of the 9 and 10 Houses. Sun is occupant of 5th House and Lord of 4th House. Jupiter is occupant of 8th House lord of 8th and 11th Houses.
  • For Taurus Lagna 9th house is bhadekesh – Satrun. Satrun is occupant of 8th House, which indicates seriousness.
  • Bhukti Mercury which is already discussed above.
  • Anthara Rahu (1, 7, 11,12),   which is already discussed above. 

My Opinion

  • Depending on these significations – the chances of coming home are not seen at all. Here Mars, Saturn and Rahu are playing major role. Particularly health issues these planets create more problems.

 Facts of the Case

  • I have received information from my friend, stating that She passed away on November 8, 2020.

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