Basic Rules – Horary Astrology

In KP Astrology

  • Horary Astrology is one part. It gives accurate predictions with KP Rules.
  • In Horary Astrology, Horary means question. There are 249 sub lords in Horary Astrology.
  • There are 27 Stars in Zodiac Sign. Each star has 13.20 degrees, means 800 minutes.
  • According to the these 27 stars and according to these Star Lord`s Vimshottari Mahadasha Period 249 sub lords come

Horary Chart

  • If a person consult astrologer, he has to ask to give a number between 1 and 249.
  • The person who wants to know about himself will have to say one number from these 1 and 249 numbers along with question.
  • As per given number, the astrologer has to make a Horary Chart.
    The number given is taken Lagna.

Example : Horary Chart

  • KP Horary Number : 94
    Date : 02 – 10 -2020
    Time : 11:38:23 am
    Place : Zahirabad

Horary Chart

Horary Chart Cusp Degrees

Horary Chart Planets Degrees

As per Horary Number 94, Lagna is Leo

  • The analysis should be done according to this lagna and considering the KP Rules related to the question.
  • Through this question number given by person can give an accurate prediction about each event. 

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