Date of Birth Characteristics – NUMBER – 3

Jupiter Stands for Number 3

So those born on the 3rd, 12th, 21st, 30th of any month will have the influence of the Jupiter

  1. Diseases      : Arthritis, Heart Problems, Kidney Problems, Diabetes
  2. Element        : Air
  3. Cast              : Soodra
  4. Behave         : Cruel

The planetary equivalent of the Number 3 is the Jupiter. 

It stands for both the intellect and the intuition. 

Mainly it gives opportunity of field of Accounts and art through his / her own talent.

If this Number – 3 appears more than 1 number in Birth date, brings good fortune, success, material comfort and happiness

Persons born on 3rd – Excellent cognitive power. Appreciate fine arts; they should train themselves to express themselves in a refined manner. Comfortable life, famous after middle age.  

Persons born on 12th : Gain popularity by self sacrificing and helpful nature. Dedicate lives to the welfare of those around them. Social service may lose parents at young age shoulder responsibility, financial loss to parents, if alive. 12 gives more struggles and hardships.  

Persons born on 21-  More selfish, sacrifice only for reward. Develop general knowledge is a must; wisdom is their mighty weapon, fight and succeed, life full of struggles. Attain success and enjoy life by progressing with the help of their determination. 

Persons born on 30th – Great thinkers and shrewd people. Love to lead a life of grandeur and will act accordingly to their own whims and fancies, ability to keenly observe and understand all things, daring, not afraid of failures, fine arts mastering, use their talents and abilities to the maximum in their life time.  

Negative effects – Bad moods, loss and disappointment, loose talks, unforgiving nature and always being critical of others.       

Lucky Numbers : 1,2,3,7,9

Unlucky Numbers : 5,6       

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