Date of Birth Characteristics – NUMBER – 2

Moon Stands foe Number 2

So those born on the 2nd, 11th, 20th, 29th of any month will have the influence of the Lunar Planet – MOON 

  1. Diseases     :  Asthma, Skin Problems, Thyroid, Mental Disease, Cough, Cold
  2. Element      :  Water 
  3. Cast            :  Vaisya
  4. Behave       :  Cool, Tender – hearted, Wise                                                                      

The planetary equivalent of the Number 2 is the Moon.

Number 2, Moon nature is feminine and so represents women.

It is emotional and very sensitive and their main nature is slow and warm in temperament.

If this Number – 2 appears more than 1 number in Birth date, it indicates to get developed by luck and they try to get best name by doing hard work  

Persons born on 2nd: high imaginative powers, lofty (high) ideas, afraid of others, mild mannered peaceful people, ideas of social reforms, averse to violence and bloodshed keep calm even disappointed also  

Persons born on 11th: more faith in god, confidence in themselves is the secret of their achievement, compromise and great regard for friendship.  

Persons born on 20th: powerful imagination helped by providence (savings), world will accept them as leaders and worship divine souls.  

Persons born on 29th: averse to peace and compromise born to lead others life miserable , unnecessary quarrels and arguments, endless arguments, selfish , cowards at heart, negative opinion – litigations , magicians, witchcraft, legal profession is successful.

Lucky Numbers : 1,3,5,7

Unlucky Numbers : None

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