Date of Birth Characteristics – NUMBER – 1

Sun stands for Number 1

So those born on the 1st, 10th, 19th, 28th of any month will have the influence of the Solar planet – SUN

Diseases      : Eye problems, Gas Troubles, Over Heat problems
Element      : Fire
Cast             : Kshatriya
Behave       : Proud, cruel

The planetary equivalent of the Number 1 is the Sun.
Number 1 nature is masculine. It denotes new events, new conditions and travel when Number 1 appears more than 1 number in Birth Date.

  • It also symbolizes will power to achieve his/her goal.
  • If Number 1 is not appeared more than 1 number in Birth date, the person become dominating, selfish.

Persons born on 1st: Brash, outspoken, lacks adjustments, extreme self confidence, very ambitious.

Persons born on 10th: Steady, caution, conceal inner most feelings, love and affections, please to interact with these people.

Persons born on 19th: Hypnotic powers, adamant though they look soft outward, once they make up their mind they will not change their mind. Advised to reduce stubbornness.

Persons born on 28th: Handsome, feminine traits trust others get cheated often.

Negative Effects: Adamant, aggressive, egoistic, over confident, unwilling to listen to others. Ego.

Lucky Numbers : 1,3,5,9

Unlucky Numbers : 6, 8

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