Date of Birth Characteristics – NUMBER – 4

Rahu Stands for Number 4

So those born on the 4th, 13th, 22nd, 31stof any month will have the influence of the Rahu

  1. Diseases  : Kidney, Fits, Arthritis, Sinus
  2. Element    : Fire
  3. Cast          : Kshatriya
  4. Behave     : Cruel

The planetary equivalent of the Number 4 is the Rahu. 

Mainly this number indicates hard work and it provides power to get his / her work done properly or in time. It is cold, discipline, intelligent and slow.

If this Number – 4 appears more than 1 number in Birth date, brings good activities, energy. These qualities make him / her good position.                             

Persons born on 4th-   strict , brave, strong, face challenges, like warriors, avoid eating excess food , be moderate in sex , when unexpected things happen , take them in right spirit , they must be charming , pleasant in the way they communicate  

Persons born on 13th- sudden shocking events, takes place, dangers come but disappear, childhood they face circumstances that could change their lives, strong people, should be honest and straight forward.  

Persons born on 22nd: evil than good captivates their minds, fate will create many circumstances for them to follow bad ways. Shrewd, earn money easily, gambling illegal sources of money. Thrive well in business where public are involved.  

Persons born on 31st: intelligent, courage’s, shrewd, overpower mighty enemies easily, spiritual, philosophic, extends helping hand to the public when it is sought.  

NEGATIVE EFFECTS:  Lack of imagination, stubbornness, unwillingness to cooperate with others, argumentative nature over seriousness all work no leisure.

Lucky Numbers : 1,3,7,9

Unlucky Numbers : 6,8

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