Scorpio Ascendant – Benefic & Malefic Planets

Group 1

  1. Lord of Scorpio and 6th Lord – Mars
  2. 2nd & 5th lords – Jupiter
  3. 9th lord – Moon
  4. 10th lord – Sun
  5. 9th lord Moon is Badhaka house for Scorpio Ascendant

Yogakaraka Planets

  1. Among Group 1 Planets – except 1st & 6th lord Mars, Jupiter, Moon and Sun becomes Yogakaraka Planets. So if these 3 planets are placed in 9th house Cancer Sign, will definitely produce Raja Yoga like King.
  2. These people are really blessed with wealth by Goddess Lakshmi. As well if these 3 planets are placed in 5th house Pisces Sign, this will be in 2nd rank compare with 9th house. 
  3. As well, if these 3 planets are placed in 1st house Scorpio Sign, this will be in 3rd rank compare with 9th & 5th house.  

Government Profession

  1. 9th lord Moon & 10th Lord Sun – if these 2 planets must have significations with Mars and Saturn, indicates Government Job. 
  2. If 6th lord Mars happens to be Strong significator than 10th house, have more chances of getting Government Job. As well if have significations with Jupiter and Sun, the native will be in Government sector. 
  3. Jupiter, Mars and Sun – only when these three planets are strong significator of 2,6,10 house or placed in stars of 2,6,10 lords, the native has 100% chance of getting Government Job. 

Group 2

  1. 3rd & 4th lords – Saturn
  2. 7th & 12th lords – Venus
  3. 8th & 11th lords – Mercury
  4. 2nd lord Jupiter and 7th Lord Venus will become Maraka Planets,
  • If Group 2 planets are placed in Group 1 houses, the native will have to face money related problems in during joint period of Group 2 Planets.  If so these planets are placed in only Group 2 Houses, money results will be moderate compare with Group 1 Houses.
  • If 2nd lord Jupiter and 7th Lord Venus are strong significator of 2,7,11 houses or placed in stars of 2,7,11 lords, indicates early marriage and the marriage life will be prosperous and happiness.
  • If 2nd lord Jupiter and 7th Lord Venus have significations with 6,10 houses, indicate marriage life will be problematic. If additionally have significations with 1,8 houses, will be more chances of getting divorced.
  • If 11th lord Mercury and 7th lord Venus have significations with 10th lord Sun and 2nd & 5th lord Jupiter, these people settled in trading business or medical related  business and become rich person with in short period.
  • Jupiter, Moon, Mercury and Ketu – if these 4 planets have strongly significations with 2,6,8,10 and 12 houses, indicates only medical related business.


  • Ascendant Lord Mars – when only significations with 12th lord or placed in star lord of 12 house, indicates blood related problems.
  • If Badhaka Lord Moon is placed in watery signs and have significations with Venus and Saturn or if these 3 planets are placed in watery signs, indicates diabetes.
  • Saturn, Mars, Mercury and Rahu – if these planets have significations with 6,8,12 houses, suffering from health issues throughout life. 

Death Causing Planets

  • Among 9 planets if more than 5 planets have significations with Maraka lords Jupiter & Venus and Badhaka Lord Moon  1,6,8,12 houses, causes death in during joint period of these planets. 

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