Horary Astrology – Deed Documents

When will her deed documents find out?


At 10:20 am, on February 1st, 2021 One of my known family member phoned me saying “Sir i don’t remember where i put land deed documents at home. Now I am selling that land. So buyers are asking the deed documents to see. Please tell me whether the deed documents will be available or not.

She gave horary 77 with in 249.

As per given number, is calculated Horary chart at 03:45:16 PM at Zahirabad. The Chart is given below.

Horary Astrology Chart

Cuspal Degrees

Planets Degrees

KP Rule :

If 2nd or 11th cusp sub lord be the significator of house 2,6, and 11, get the Deed Documents  during the joint period of Maha dasha / Bhukthi / Anthara of significator of house 2,6,11

2nd House – Moveable article

6th House – Loss of opponent

11th house – Gain

At the time of judgement of Moon. 

Moon clearly indicates the mind of the giving Horary Number Person. 

  1. Moon is occupant of  the 2nd House and lord of 1. 
  2. Moon is in the star of Sun, who is lord of 2nd house. 
  3. So the question is clearly indicating to documents.

Analysis Method

2nd Cusp Sub lord is Moon. Moon is in the star of Sun and sub of Mercury.
  1. Moon is occupant of  the 2nd House and lord of 1.
  2. Sun is occupant of 7th house and lord of 2nd house. Sun is in the Moon star. So sun became strong significator of 2nd house.
  3. Mercury is occupant of 7th House and lord of 3 and 12 houses. Mercury in the star of Mars. Mars is occupant of 10th house and lord of 5 and 10 houses.
  4. So 2nd sub Lord signifies 2,1,7,3,12,5,10 houses.
11th Cusp Sub lord is Ketu. Ketu is in the star of Mercury and sub of Moon
  1. Ketu is occupant of  the 5th House.
  2. Mercury, which is already discussed above.
  3. Moon , which is already discussed above.
  4. 11th sub Lord signifies 5,7,3,12,2,1 houses.

2nd & 11th Houses

  1. Both 2nd and 11th houses are signifying required house. 
  2. Moon and Sun strongly signifies 1st house. 1st house shows self earning money. 
  3. Sun is also strong significator of 1st house, who is very close to Lagna degrees. So these degrees are also indicating positive results.
  4. As per both 2nd & 11 house significations and Sun & Moon, deed documents will be recovered.

Ruling Planets at the time of judgment 

  1. Lagna Sign Lord     : Mercury
  2. Lagna Star Lord      : Rahu 
  3. Lagna Sub Lord      : Venus
  4. Moon Sign Lord      : Mercury 
  5. Moon Star Lord       : Sun
  6. Moon Sub Lord       : Mercury
  7. Day Lord                 : Monday
Present Joint Running Dasa 
  1. Sun / Mercury / Mercury / Mars  – 30 January, 2021 – 2nd February, 2021
  1. In Horary chart Mercury is in the retrograde, which will be retrograde up to 19 February, 2021. This event is minor one, we should not need to consider retrograde planets.
  1. Mercury is in the Ruling Planets.
  1. Sooksma Lord – Mars is not in the Ruling Planets. 
  1. Next Sooksma Rahu – Rahu is in the Ruling Planets.
  1. Rahu, which will be from  2nd February, 2021 to 9th February,2021.
  1. Sookshma Lord Rahu is occupant of 11th House. Rahu is in the Moon Star – 1,2


My Judgement:

Deed Documents will be definitely found in Sookshma Rahu.
Long Live KP Method.

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