Horary Astrology – Bank Loan

When will i get bank loan for constructing home?


Name of the Client : Prameela

Question : Bank Loan

Horary Number : 71

Date of Judgement : 04 – 01 – 2015

Time of Judgement : 01:32:16 PM

Place of judgement : Zahirabad

KP Rule :

If 6th sub lord be the significator of house 2,6, 10 and 11, get the BANK LOAN during the joint period of Maha dasha / Bhukti / Anthra of significator of house 2,6,10 and 11

Horary Chart

Cuspal Degrees

Planets Degrees


Analysis Method

6th Cusp Sub lord is Mercury. Mercury is in the star of Sun and sub of Saturn.
  1. Mercury is occupant of 6th House and lord of 3 and 12 Houses. 
  2. Sun is occupant of 6th House and lord of 2nd House. Sun is in Venus Star. Venus is also occupant of 6th House and Lord of 4 and 11 Houses.
  3. Saturn is occupant of 4th house, and lord of 7 and 8 Houses. 
  4. Saturn is in the own star. So Saturn is strong significator of 4th House. 
  5. Saturn is in the own star. So Saturn becomes strong significator of 4th House. 4th house indicates Home / Building. Saturn is karaka planet of 4th house for Home / Building.
  6. 6th Cusp Sub Lord Mercury signifies 6,3,12, 6,2, 4,11, 4, 7,8 Houses. 
  7. 6th house signifies required positive houses of 6, 2,11. And 6th house also signifies negative house of 8,12. 
  8. Here all three planets – Mercury, Sun and Saturn are signifying 6th house. As per these significations, getting Bank Loan is possible. 6th house indicates borrowing money from Bank.

Dasha Analysis Method   – Present Joint Period

  1. Maha Dasha – Mars is up to October 3, 2016
  2. Bhukthi – Venus is  up to October 28, 2015
  3. Anthara – Rahu is from January 28, 2015 to April 2, 2015

Maha Dasha Mars  is in the own star and sub of Satrun 

  1. Mars is occupant of 7th House and lord of 5 and 10 Houses. Mars in own star, so mars will become strong significator of 5 and 10 houses as there are no occupant planets in 5 and 10 houses.
  2. Satrun (4,7,8 ), which is already discussed above.
  3. So Mahadasha Mars doesn’t have positive significators of 2,6,11. But it is very strong significator of 10th House. So it gives positive results of Bank Loan.

Bhukti Venus is in the Sun star and sub of Mercury. 

  1. Venus is occupant of 6th House and lord of 4 and 11 Houses.
  2. Sun (6,2,4,11), which is already discussed above.
  3. Mercury (6,2,3,12),  which is already discussed above.
  4. So bhukti Venus gives positive results of Bank Loan.
Anthara Rahu is in the Mars star and sub of Venus. 
  1. Rahu is occupant of 11th House, which is in Mars Star (7,5,10)
  2. Venus is Significatrors of 6,4,10. 

My Judgment: 

Present Joint Period of Mars / Venus / Rahu are signifying required houses of 2,6,10,11 with 4th house ( Home / building ). So she  would get BANK LOAN for constructing her Home / Building. (January 28, 2015 to April 2, 2015)

Facts of the case  

On March 5th, 2015, She got loan from Bank of India, Zaheerabad.
Thanks to  Prof KS Krishnamurthi  sir. 

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