Capricorn Ascendant – Benefic & Malefic Planets

Group 1

  1. Lord of Capricorn and 2nd lord – Saturn
  2. 5th & 10th lords – Venus
  3. 6th & 9th lords – Mercury
  4. 2nd lord Saturn is Maraka Planet
  • Saturn, Mercury and Venus – These are Trikona Lords. So these planet become benefic planets. If these planets are placed in Group 1 houses, native will enjoy comfortable and luxury life till his last breath. As well these significations will give good wealth.
  • If combination of Saturn & Venus or Saturn & Mercury placed in 2nd house Aquarius Sign, the native will earn property, land & buildings.
  • If combination of Mercury & Venus is placed in 2nd house Aquarius or 5th house Taurus Sign, indicates to become a actor. Mostly these combinations people are in cinema field.
  • Saturn and Venus combination – if placed in 10th house Libra Sign, the native becomes wealthy and earn plenty of lands & buildings. As well this combination will bring good name in society.

Group 2

  1. 3rd & 12h lords – Jupiter
  2. 4th & 11th lords – Mars
  3. 7th Lord – Moon
  4. 8th Lord – Sun
  5. 11th lord Mars is Badhaka house for Capricorn Ascendant
  6. 7th lord Moon is Maraka Planet
  • If Group 2 Planets are placed in Group 1 Houses, the native will have to face adverse results like financial losses and no peace in family. So these Group 2 Planets are malefic for Capricorn Ascendant.
  • If Jupiter and Sun have significations with Group 1 Planets and their houses, the native entertain luxuries his self earned money till his last breath. Such a native earns abounded money and distribute to poor people. Saying in one word, it is Lakshmi Yoga.
  • Jupiter & Venus or Jupiter & Mercury – if any one of combination placed in 2nd or 7th house, indicates happy marriage life. 
  • If Sun, Mars and Moon have significations with Saturn, brings Government Job. As well if significations with Mercury and Jupiter, have more chances of IAS or IPS Jobs.


  • Venus, Jupiter, Mars and Mercury – if these planets have significations with 1st house and 1st Lord Saturn, will enjoy good health.
  • Maraka lord Saturn and Moon – if placed in their respective debilitated house, indicates severe health issues in joint period of these lords.


Death Causing Planets

  • 1st lord or 6th lord or 8th lord or 12th lord – if these words have significations with only Maraka Lords and Badaka Lord, the native health will be very dangerous. These lords definitely will give death. So   shoud be careful in during joint period of these lords. 

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