Aquarius Ascendant – Benefic & Malefic Planets

Group 1

  1. Lord of Aquarius and 12th lord – Saturn
  2. 4th & 9th lords – Venus
  3. 5th & 8th lords – Mercury
  4. 2nd lord Saturn is Maraka Planet
  5. 9th lord Venus become Badhaka Lord for Aquarius Ascendant.
  • Trikona lords are in Group 1 Planets. So we can consider these are benefic planets. Only when these planets exchange their own houses, native will get positive results. Native will enjoy auspicious results and unexpected gains in during the joint period of Group 1 Planets. Native will differently purchased lands, buildings with this money.
  • 9th lord Venus and 5th lord Mercury – If combination of these planets placed in 9th house or 5th house, indicates a wealthy and lucky person.
  • If combination 2nd lord Saturn and 5th lord Mercury, placed in 9th house Libra Sign, the native become a famous person in the society and earn lots of property. Saturn indicates lands. As well Libra Sign is Saturn`s exaltation place.
  • As well such this combination if placed in 8th house Virgo Sign, more chances of to become a Good Astrologer.

Group 2

  1. 2nd & 11h lords – Jupiter
  2. 3rd & 10th lords – Mars
  3. 6th Lord – Moon
  4. 7th Lord – Sun
  5. 7th lord Sun and 2nd lord Jupiter are  Maraka Planets
  • If 2nd and 11th lord Jupiter and 6th lord Moon have strong significations each other and their houses, indicates teaching profession. Additionally if Such combination has significance with Mars and Sun, indicates Government Teachers.
  • Mars and Jupiter combination – if such a combination placed in 10th house Scorpio Sign, is able to enhance wealth right way and become famous figure in society. Such a combination never gives financial troubles till the last breath.
  • Sun, Moon and Saturn – If these 3 planets has significations with 6 and 10 houses, have more chances of getting Government Job.
  • Additionally if have strong significance with Mars & Jupiter, native will get definitely Government Job.
  • If Sun and Mars has significance with Venus and Saturn, brings marriage related problems. If additionally has signification with Moon, chances of getting separated after marriage. 


  • Ascendant & 12th Lord Saturn if placed in 6th house Cancer Sign or placed in Moon stars, indicate digestive and constipation problems.
  • Saturn, Venus and Jupiter – If these 3 planets placed in earthy signs, indicate blood related problems.
  • Mars, Sun and Saturn or Mercury – if placed in Fiery Signs, indicate head related problems.
  • If 1st Lord has significations with 1,5,9 and 8 house, indicates long life.

Death Causing Planets

  • If Maraka and Badhaka planets have significations with only Saturn and 6,8,12 houses / lords, these lords will cause death in their Dasha / Bhukti Period.

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