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Pisces Sign - Aryan Astrology Research Centre

Pisces Sign

Month : February 19 – March 20

General Characteristics

    • Lord                              : Jupiter
    • Elements                      : Watery & Dual
    • Sex                                 : Feale
    • Sign Color                     : Light Yellow
    • Lord / Mars Color       : Yellow
    • Direction                       : North


  1. They have a good heart that loves everyone.
  2. Has a sensitive mind. Also everything has an adaptive nature.
    So everyone loves them and listens to them.

Family Life

  • Their family life is very peaceful. Despite having love affairs with others, he is loved by all. Those love affairs are playful and fun


  1. Astrology and Vedic Sciences Healing, Theology
  2.  Spiritual Related Work, Temple Worker & Priest, Religious
  3. Education & Financial Institutions, Law Department
  4. Arts, Commerce, External Affairs, Bank, Navy, Shipping
  5. Chemicals, Oil Dealers, Transport, Import & Export Business, Sea Products
  6. Medicine, Hospitals, Doctors & Surgeons, Nurses
  7. Cinema Field, Fisheries, Liquid and Food Related, Hotel Management
  8. Textiles, Printing and Publishing. Marine Engineering

How to earn money?

  1. If Jupiter has significations with Mars, Moon and Sun, the financial status will be good.
  2. If these planets also have significations with Venus, financial status will be good and recognition will be good.
  3. If Saturn has significations then its earnings will be normal.


  1. Pisces Sign is responsible for feet, bed comfort and marriage matters
  2. These problems exist if Jupiter has significations with Rahu and Moon planets and has significations with the 12th house.
  3. These problems do not exist if Jupiter has significations with Lagna/ Lagna lord and Sun.

Lucky Numbers

  • 1, 3, 7

Lucky Colors

  • Golden Color, Light Yellow Color, Orange Color, White

In Pisces Signs, those who are born on the Dates of the Lucky Numbers mentioned above will definitely get good results in these lucky numbers.

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