Virgo Sign


Month : August 23 – September 22

General Characteristics

  • Lord                                : Mercury
  • Elements                        :  Earthy & Dual
  • Sex                                   : Female
  • Sign Color                      : Light Green
  • Lord / Sun Color         : Wheatesh
  • Direction                        : South


  1. Being a earthy and Dual, they have a sensitive mind.
  2. Serve others as long as they have.
  3. Success comes with persistence and self-confidence.

Family Life

  • Many of them impress others with their good behavior.
  • Family life is very good. If Mercury has significations with Rahu, family life will not be good.
  • Their children develop quickly..



  1. Astrology, Occult sciences, Healing Related courses
  2. Mathematicians, Professors, Teachers, Language courses
  3. M.B.A, Law and Judicial, Psychopathy
  4. Retail Shops, Business, Agriculture and Land Owners
  5. Auditing, Accounting, Jobs in Bank
  6. Writers, Editors, Book Publishing, Journalism, Television, Computers
  7. Doctors & Medical Related Jobs, Physiotherapy, Pharmacy, Electrical Engineering, Agricultural Engineering
  8. Tours and Travels

How to earn money?

  1. If Mercury has significations with Venus and Saturn, the money will be good.
  2. Also, if these planets have significations with Jupiter, the financial status will be very good.
  3. If Mercury has significations with Rahu, there will be a need to settle debts.


  1. Virgo is the ruler of stomach and waist.
  2. Health is good if Mercury is strong in Horoscope and has significations with 1st house.
  3. Mercury is debilitated, significations with 8th and 12th place can be said to cause diseases for Virgo.

Lucky Numbers

  • 5, 6

Lucky Colors

  • Light blue, gray, light green, cream color

In Virgo Signs, those who are born on the Dates of the Lucky Numbers mentioned above will definitely get good results in these lucky numbers.





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