Sagittarius Sign

Month : November 22 – December 21

General Characteristics

    • Lord                              : Jupiter
    • Elements                      : Fiery & Dual
    • Sex                                 : Male
    • Sign Color                     : Light Yellow
    • Lord / Mars Color       : Yellow
    • Direction                       : East


  1. They are beautiful and attractive. They insist on getting good recognition
  2. No matter how much one earns, there is no satisfaction in holding a good position.
  3. As Fiery Sign, they are naturally angry but have a good mind.

Family Life

  • Although the desire to earn money is high, they are always happy to spend time with their family. They are having fun and laughing with the children.


  1. Auditing & Banking, Law Department, Civil Engineering
  2. Temples & Religious Work, Spiritual Gurus
  3. Education & Financial Department
  4. Economics, Religion, Theology, Occult sciences, Healing
  5.  Accountancy, Business Management, Archery

How to earn money?

  1. If there are significations with Jupiter and Kuja planets, the earning of money will be good.
  2. How much earned will be spent if Rahu has significations.
  3. If Jupiter and Mars have significations with Mercury – First there will be financial difficulties and then the financial status will be good.


  1. Thighs & buttocks factor into the matter
  2. Jupiter is debilitated in Rasi Chakra with Saturn and 6th house
    These problems are present when the significations are present
  3. If Jupiter has significations with Surya and 1st house then health is said to be good.

Lucky Numbers

  • 1, 2, 3

Lucky Colors

  • Golden Color, Light Yellow Color, Orange Color, White

In Sagittarius Signs, those who are born on the Dates of the Lucky Numbers mentioned above will definitely get good results in these lucky numbers.


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