Cancer Sign

Month : June 21 – July 22

General Characteristics

  • Lord                                : Moon
  • Elements                        : Watery & Moveable
  • Sex                                   : Female
  • Sign Color                      : white
  • Lord / Moon Color      : Cream Color
  • Direction                        : North


  1. Being an Aquarian, they are sensitive. Get emotional over every little thing.
  2. They have the quality of helping. They get good recognition through social service.
  3. They love music and nature. Also likes to play with children more.

Family Life

  • Marriage is naturally delayed for them. If they get married too soon, their married life will not be happy.
  • After they cross 35 years, their family life will be very good.


  1. Export and Import, Related to Navy & Shipping, Transport, Tourism, Driving, Marketing
  2. Agriculture and Agricultural Sciences, Hotel and Food Related Business
  3. Biology, Pharmacy & Medical Related Business
  4. Air Hostesses, Fine Arts, Music, Dance,,  

How to earn money?

  1. If Moon has strong significance with Jupiter, they will have good future in politics. Additionally significance with Mars, they will get good name and fame in society.
  2. If Moon has significance with Sun and Saturn, they will have more chances of getting Government job. It is also very good. If These three planets have significance with 6th house / lord


  1. Cancer Sign indicates Heart, Chest in Body.
  2. If Lord of Cancer Moon has significance with houses of 4, 5, there are chances of heart related diseases
  3. If Moon is weak condition and has significance with 6 and 8 houses, then it is said that heart related diseases will come

Lucky Numbers

  • 1, 3, 7

Lucky Colors

  • White, Cream, Light Orange, Light Blue

In Cancer Signs, those who are born on the Dates of the Lucky Numbers mentioned above will definitely get good results in these lucky numbers.

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