When will get my daughter married?

A client from Sangareddy, telephoned me to find out when will get his daughter’s marriage.

Date of Birth     : June 2, 1999
Time of Birth     : 06:22;32 PM
Place of Birth    : Sangareddi

KP Rule :

If 7th Cusp Sub Lord be the significator of house 2,7 and 11, will get married during the joint period of Maha dasha / Bhukti / Anthra of significator of house 2,7 and 11.

Early Marriage : 

  1. Jupiter, Mercury, Venus and 7th lord should be not in retrograde.
  2. Saturn should not have significations with 2,7 houses and  Sun, Moon and Venus.
  3. Lagna and 7th house should not have significations with Sun, Mars, Saturn and Rahu.
  4. If these 3 rules don’t match, indicates Early Marriage. If match, Late Marriage.

Birth Chart of Marriage

Cusp Degrees

Planets Degrees


Analysis Method

  1. Jupiter, Venus and Mercury are not in Retrograde. And 7th Lord Venus is also not in retrograde. Saturn doesn’t have significations with Moon, Sun. 
  2. As Satrun is in Venus star, Satrun became significations with 7th house and Venus.Direct Significations not visible between Lagna, 
  3. 7th House and Planets of Sun, Mars, Saturn, Rahu.
  4. As per these significations, giving indication of early marriage. 

7th Cusp Sub lord is Rahu. Rahu is in the star of Mercury and sub of Moon

  1. Rahu is occupant of 9th House, which is in Mercury star.
  2. Mercury is occupant of 7th house and lord of 8 and 11 houses.
  3. Mercury in Mars Star, Mars is occupant of 11th House and lord of 1 and 6 Houses.
  4. Moon is occupant of 2nd house and lord of 9th house. 
  5. Moon is in Venus star. Venus is occupant of 8th House, lord of 7 and 12 houses, which is in Jupiter Star. Jupiter is lord 2 and 5 Houses.
  6. 7th Cusp Sub Lord Rahu signifies 9,7, 8,11, 1,6, 2,8,5 Houses. 
  7. 7th house signifies required positive houses of 2,7,11. And 7th house also signifies houses of 8,12. 
  8. This is female chart- in female chart 8th house indicates Mangalyam and 12th House indicates Bed Comforts. So 8 and 12 houses will give positive results of marriage. 

 Dasha Analysis Method   – Present Joint Period

  1. Maha Dasha – Mars is up to November 24,2026
  2. Bhukthi – Venus is from April 21, 2020 to May 10, 2021
  3. Venus – Rahu is from December 24, 2020 to February 25, 2021

Maha Dasha Mars  is in the own star and sub of Mercury 

  1. Mars is occupant of 11th House and lord of 1 and 6 Houses. 
  2. Mercury is occupant of 7th house and lord of 8 and 11 Houses.
  3. Mercury became strong significator of 11th House, as Mercury is in the Mars Star.
  4. Maha Dasha Mars will give positive results.

Bhukti Rahu is in the Merucury star and sub of Moon

  1. Rahu  – 9,7,2,11
  2. Mercury – 7, 8,11
  3. Moon – 2, 7, 8, 9

 Anthara Venus is in the Jupiter star and sub of Rahu

  1. Venus – 8, 7, 12, 2,5
  2. Jupiter – 5, 2 
  3. Rahu – 9,7,8,11

My Judgment: 

  • As per above significations marriage will get place joint period of Mars / Rahu / Venus ( December 24, 2020  to  February 25, 2021)


  • Now Jupiter Transit is in Capricorn. From here aspects 7th lord Venus. So Marriage will take place between above mentioned joint period of Mars / Rahu / Venus. 

Facts of the case  

  • On January 8, 2021, she got Married.

Thanks to  Prof KS Krishnamurthi  sir. 

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