Minor Events & Ruling Planets

Concept of Minor Events Through Ruling Planets


One of my astrology learning student phoned me from Siddipet, Telangana, and stating that he would meet me on November 12th,2020.

I wanted to know at what time exactly he would reach my home with help of Ruling Planets

November 12th, 2020, at 09:58:41am, from Zahirabad, I calculated a Chart.

Chart of Ruling Planets

Ruling Planets

  1. Lagna Sign Lord           – Jupiter
  2. Lagna Star Lord            – Ketu
  3. Lagna Sub lord             –  Sun
  4. Lagna Sub Sub Lord    – Satrun
  5. Moon Sign Lord            – Mercury
  6. Moon star Lord             – Moon
  7. Moon Sub Lord             – Rahu 
  8. Moon Sub Sub Lord      – Mercury

From the above Ruling Planets how to take correct decision time of his coming. 
This question is related minor one, so we have to move Lagna degrees.

 As per given above chart, Lagna in Ketu Star, which is in Mercury Star. Mercury in Ruling Planets. Here 12th Lord Mars aspecting Mercury, So Mercury became weak Planet. So we will have to move lagna to Venus Star.
Venus is not in Ruling Planets. So we have to move the Lagna to Sun Star.
At 10:51 am, Lagna will be Sun Star. In above given Ruling Planets Chart, Sun is in Jupiter star and Jupiter in Sun Star. These both planets are in Ruling planets.
So this clearly gives indication of reaching home.

Exactly this time of 10:51 am, Lagna Sub Lord will be Sun and Sub Sub Lord will Saturn. In Ruling Planet Chart Saturn in Sun Star. Satrun is also in above Ruling Planets,

Just as I expected, he arrived at my house at 10:55 in the morning.

I respect to our beloved Guruji Prof KS Krishnamurti sir, who invented this method.


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