Horay Astrology – CORONA VIRUS

My neighbor is suffering from CORONA VIRUS, when he will recover ?

Name of the Client : Vishnu Vardhan

Question : will he recover or not ?

Horary Number : 35

Date of Judgement : 04 – 01 – 2021

Time of Judgement : 02:56:06 PM

Place of judgement : Zahirabad

KP Rule for sickness                                                                   

If 6th cusp sub lord be the significator  of house 6,8 and 12, the native is suffering from sickness      

KP Rule for cure

If 1st cusp sub lord be the significator of house 1, 5, and 11 houses, recover is possible. But should not significations with 6,8,12 houses.

Horary Chart

Cusp Degrees

Planets Degrees

Analysis Method

6th Cusp Sub lord is Venus. Venus is in the star of Ketu and sub of Ketu
  1. Venus is occupant of 7th House and lord of 1 and 6 Houses
  2. Ketu is occupant of 7th House, which is in Mercury star. Mercury in 8th House and lord of 2 and 5 Houses.
  3. 6th Cusp Sub lord Venus signifies 7,1,6 8, 2,5 Houses.
  4. It means, the 6th house signified with negative house of 6, 8 and positive houses of 2, 5. For Taurus Lagna 9th house is BHADAKA HOUSE. As there is no negative significations with BHADHAKA House, so it indicates  no serious.
1st Cusp Sub lord is Ketu. Ketu is in the star of Mercury  and sub of Rahu.
  1. Ketu 7, 8, 2,5
  2. Mercury is occupant of 8th House lord of 2 and 5 Houses, which is in Sun Star, Sun is Lord of 4th House. 
  3. Rahu is occupant of lagna, which is in Mars Star. Mars in 11th House lord of 7 and 12 Houses.
  4. 1st Cusp Sub lord Ketu signifies 7,8, 2,5, 4 11, 7, 12 Houses.
  5. It means, the 1st house signified with positive house of 5,11 and negative house of 6,8. As per these significations, the CORONA is reduced.

Dasha Analysis Method   – Present Joint Period

  1. Maha Dasha – Venus will be up to August, 2024
  2. Bhukthi – Mercury will be up to June 14, 2023
  3. Anthara – Ketu will be up to March 8, 2021
  4. Sooksma – Venus is from January 10, 2021 to January 21, 2021

Maha Dasha Venus is in the star of Ketu and sub of Ketu

  1. Venus, which is already discussed above. – 7,1,6 8, 2,5
  2. So Mahadasha Venus  gives positive results.

Maha Dasha Mercury is in the star of Sun and sub of Mars

  1. Mercury is occupant of 8th and Lord of 2 and 5 Houses
  2. Sun in in 9th House, which is in own star lord of 4th House
  3. Mars is in 11th House and lord of 12 and 7.
  4. So as Mercury signifies 5,11 house along with 2, 4 houses, gives positive results. Here 2, 4 houses giving significations of coming home.


Maha Dasha Ketu is in the star of Mercury  and sub of Rahu.

  1. Ketu – 7,8, 2,5, 4 11, 7, 12 
  2. Anthara Ketu also gives positive results, signifying 5,11 and 2,4 houses.

My Judgment: 

Present Joint Period of Venus / Mercury / Ketu / Venus  are signifying required houses of 5,11 and 2,4. So he comes back home from hospital in Sooksma Period of Venus  (January 10, 2021 to January 21, 2021)

Facts of the case  

My neighbor Vishnu Vardhan, came back home on January 19th, 2021.

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