Date of Birth Characteristics – NUMBER – 7

Ketu Stands for Number 7 

So those born on the 7th,16th, 25th of any month will have the influence of the Ketu

  1. Diseases   :  Mental Diseases, Gas problems, Arthritis
  2. Element    :   Water
  3. Cast          :   Brahman
  4. Behave     :   Cool

The planetary equivalent of the Number 7 is the Ketu.

It denotes spiritual, culture and intellectual mind, research work, loneliness. Born in number 7 persons likes music, dance and  drawing pictures. 

If this Number – 7 appears more than 1 number in Birth date, gives good health as well as good earnings. Some people are in cinema field. 

People born on 7th: Mild mannered soft natured and will give up everything for others, intelligent, and taste in arts, worship with great faith, constant problems with family life child like, adamant in matters of love and arts  

Persons born on 16th: Greater mental strength, if groomed properly their exceptional and uncommon talents can be made to blossom. Many child prodigies born on this date, many people shock the world with their actions, avoid illicit love affairs,  

People born on 25 the : Fanatically religious people and will openly preach about their religion claiming to be the only path to attain salvation , honored and revered, religious heads, judges, speakers of parliament, many look up to them for guidance, however they cannot lead a happy and smooth family life 

Negative effects: Too much deservedness, lack of trust in others, aloofness, confusion, depression, pride, bad temper, irritability, argumentativeness and meanness.  

Lucky Numbers : 1,2,4,5,7

Unlucky Numbers : None

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