Aries Sign

Month : March 21 – April 19


General Characteristics

  • Lord                                : Mars
  • Elements                        : Fiery, Moveable
  • Sex                                   : Male
  • Sign Color                      : Red
  • Lord / Mars Color         : Red
  • Direction                         : East


  1. Independent thinking is the primary of this Sign.
  2. Creating new things with scientific way.
  3. As well as the mentality of working hard. There is also a reward for that hard work.
  4. Friendly and humorous nature. So he often makes laugh at those around him
  5. Angry nature – but will soon become silent.
  6. There is a Strong ego and stubborn in their nature. So with their creative mind and focusing vision, will get good name in society.

Family Life

  • They get married soon. As well as family life is happy. Everyone in the family understand each other with love and friendly nature.
  • Mental tension can be caused by spouse illness. As well as problems come from sons / daughters in old age.


  • Most of them are leaders, politicians, police and soldiers. Large businesses and factories are also established and employ many people.


  • Migraine, minor injuries around the head. Some of Aries people will have mental affliction problems.

Lucky Numbers

  • 1, 5, 9

Lucky Colors

  • Light Orange, Light Blue, Light Red

In Aries Signs, those who are born on the Dates of the Lucky Numbers mentioned above will definitely get good results in these lucky numbers.

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